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I realised that I’ve not actually put up the pictures from the hog roast!  After weeks of constant sun, the day had arrived and the weather forecast was awful.  Undisturbed I’d taken delivery of the pig the day before and it ‘slept’ overnight in the bath, packed with water and ice.


the night before Gary slept over so we could get an early start.  At 5am we got up (I’d been worrying all night and was up for pretty much all of it) and got it in the car.




Quickly we got the fire going, assembled the roaster and got the pig on the spit



After a couple of failed attempts to get it turning, we realised the belly flopping about was stalling the motor.  We pinned the spine onto the bar with u-clamps.  It turned fine, but the belly still flopped.  So at about 9:30 I went out and got a metal BBQ rack and Gary strapped it round the belly.



After this point it was plain sailing. We did make a mistake with the laser thermometer – what we thought was 170’C was in fact Fahrenheit.  So by midday when we realised the mistake, it was no longer going to be a slow roasted pig.  The end result was pork, but not as satisfying as I’d hoped, but a win none the less.



The ear decorations were not to make it into a space pig, but to keep them from burning off before the pig was properly cooked.

The tongue was very tasty.

I was very pleased that not only did our design work and survive, but nothing major went wrong with the mechanics! I was merely us poor humans that got it wrong.  I think I’ll have another roast, but not for a while…


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