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Drought continues


As you can see, my garden is continuing to suffer from the drought and is quaking at its boots regarding a hosepipe ban.

The water companies are starting to wake up to the fact the water is not just running off the “parched land” and isn’t just being absorbed by plants.


My IBCs are full and the path is now 6″ under water.


All I need is a couple of fountains for a nice water feature.

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Over 500ltrs


Are you worried about this obsession? I am… Over 500ltrs now!

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Sadly it’s come to this


Sadly I seem now to be excited by rushing home to find out how much water has accumulated in the IBCs. Last night for instance, I got 100ltrs.. We’re now up to 275ltrs in the first IBC – over 1/4!

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Suppressant Membrane Industrial Stuff!


First set of membrane went down. It goes the full length of the allotment area. After putting it down, we realised that it’s pretty waterproof. Oops. Well it’ll be good for water conservation.

The IBCs were moved so we could run the membrane underneath. This ought to prevent weeds coming up around underneath them.


The IBCs were moved so we could run the membrane underneath. This ought to prevent weeds coming up around underneath them.


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Well the first step of our allotment is to uncover the ground and level it. And mow. And mow. As you can see, it’s looking tidyish now, the last bit still needs a mow and the shed moving. I’m then going to dig out the weed killer and give the whole area a dose.

If we’re lucky we’ll soon be laying down the membrane.

Rest of the garden’s a bit rubbish.


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IBC arrive…


Early on a Saturday morning I got the call ‘your IBC will be with you in thirty minutes’. I wake the wife and as I do so, a van pulls up and two guys start unloading the IBCs!

They’ve all had an orange/pineapple squash mix in them, so they should be fine. Only one was on a plastic pallet – the other two were steel! Bizarrely the steel ones are lighter than the solid plastic pallets. They always look bigger in person than in pics!

Now we’ve (and I mean we, they’re pretty heavy!) got to get them down the side of the house or over the garage!

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Featured: Soda bottle garden

This instructable uses hanging drinks/soda bottles (2ltrs) to make hanging pea gardens with drainage tubes which you could use to channel the excess directly back into the watering can.  Watersaving at its finest.

See it here

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Every year we’ve left our fruit out with no worries and to be honest, we’ve not had much in the way of bird damage.  But everyone else seems to, so to see whether we’ll increase our crop we’ve decided to cover over the majority of our raspberries and loganberries.  That’s why we’ve got cages! (Though the fruit one isn’t finished yet!)

Another item I’ve decided to cover is our brocoli.  Last year we were blighted by whitefly which inhibited our brassicas so much it pretty much dropped dead.  So what we’ve done (as you can see by the cobbled together white pic above) is stick four sticks in the ground and wrap liberally in netting which has such close weave whitefly just can’t get through it.

The next weekend innovation is our bean bed.  What I’ve done is dig a small trench and line it with pond liner.  This has a few holes in it and is back filled with sieved soil, fresh compost, blood fish and bone & poultry manure.  The pond liners purpose is to conserve water which beans love, but without water logging the roots.  My wife made the well built pole structure a few weeks ago and I had to be very careful not to destroy it…

Loads of stuff got potted up in the cold frame.  We got a frost last night, so we’re keeping stuff under for a few more days (but things are getting tall so not for much longer!)  The blossom is just starting to fall off the apple tree – so I’m hoping I get some better apples this year.

The gooseberries seem to be cropping heavily at the moment, last year I lost almost all of them after the sawfly got to them.  I’ve not netted them, I’m hoping that it won’t happen this year, but we’ll see.

Finally the potatoes – planted so late this year!  We’ve added grass to the furrows between the potato lines in a hope that it’ll conserve more water from the hot summer sun.  London clay sets hard as rock when wet and weeds grow where it’s moist, so why not stop both with a good layer of fresh mulch?

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