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Staking trees


Having walked round B&Q looking for something to stake and tie my trees I was disheartened to see that nice rounded pointed posts were £7.99 and rubber ties were £1.50ea.

Silly money really, my trees were only a little more than that!

So I hit upon an idea, some pressure treated timber £5 cut in half (£2.50) and sharpened with my trusty gransfor brux axe and a trip to the bicycle repair shop heralded some busted inner tubes.

Couple of nails, vola! Staked and tied trees!

As you can see below, our rescue cats couldn’t be more pleased!


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Adding Trees


After several hours of digging and hacking the hawthorn stumps have defeated me. I’ve decided to saw them off below ground level and use a brushwood killer on them.

I’m replacing them with several fruit trees. The lidl trees seem to on the whole have survived, except the cherry which died early on.

We’ve decided to change the layout to an easier to maintain and cheaper one with a bigger orchard! So we bought a Victoria plum and a greengage and as the place was closing down they gave us 25% off and a free cherry! Bargain!

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Been busy…

I won’t say too much now, but we’ve been busy today sorting out the garden…

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