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Chilli seeds and tomatoes


It was about time to pot up a couple of the chillis that grew from my pepperdew seeds from last year and split some of the comfrey

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Broad beans in with tomatoes


The first tomatoes are sown. This super early variety ought to be flowering and have tomatoes on by may! I’ve also sown some broad beans


All sown directly after getting back from work!

Now after dinner I’m going to get the chilies in!

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When I checked on Friday, I swear they weren’t there…

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Didn’t have much time today to do anything due to the camp I was on with my scout troop – we only really had time to get a cup of coffee on in the morning on my shiny kelly kettle (a must for allotments or perminant base camping! img_0670





First potatoes of the season – lovely in our stew






Tomatoes with pipe water saving feature – just fill the pipe with water and you water the roots without letting the clay soil get to wet or too hard!






Three sisters bed – planted with corn from, climbing french beans, courgettes, pumpkins, buttercup squash and a mystery squash.  Also there’s a few marigolds there.  Not by design, I just needed somewhere to shove them after my mini green house fell to pieces.






 A view of one of the sections on our ‘harlow carr 3×3’ immitation beds.  This is planted quite closely with sweetcorn and another variety of climbing beans.  You can also see the corner of our broad bean section, lollo rosa lettuce (I think that’s how you spell it) and brussel sprouts (yuk!)






The missus to be (we’re getting married in far less than a month) with the chicken manure.  Lovely.  See how much weight she’s lost, very thin! (that should earn me some brownie points!)  You can also see the potato bed and the rhubarb I split this year behind her (near the bamboo poles)






  First set of strawberries ripening on the plants.  They’re delicious.  So far I’ve had four, Hels has had two.






  Some of the tomatoes I put in – I dug over a very small section which used to be a compost heap and put plant pots in – much like the pipes with the tomatoes above, the pots help feed the roots with water rather than letting the water run over the surface.  It means watering time is much reduced because I only water specific parts, I water less and the plants roots dig deeper.  Handy for feeding too!


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First Tomato!












Should I be this excited about my first chunk of gold?  Well, sungold tomatoes (I think..)

Yes my very first edible (and it was so, so edible) tomato from my allotment, grown in enviromentally unfriendly peat because I didn’t realise till I got home what I’d bought.  So delicious mmm…

(yes it’s supposed to be that colour!)

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