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Plan for the new garden

Click on the above to have a look in full scale. 
Originally I was intending to do 2-3ft deep raised beds made of brick.  This is probably too expensive for my pocket however, so we may end up digging it into the ground instead.
The fruit trees at the back will replace the original conifers, the existing pond will be under the patio area.
Why have I planned it this way?
The garden is north facing, so the fruit trees at the very rear of the property are sited there to maximise the use of available sunlight.  The chicken runs are situated under the trees which will eventually provide the shade.  They’re also up that end because when I clean them out, I want to move their effluence onto the vegetable patch as manure.  The telephone box is there just to be interesting (and provide a funky yet expensive shed). 
The idea behind the circular vegetable bed was inspired by this instructable, it allows us to better rotate our crops and also be able to reach all around with as few paths as possible.  It also is a bit different than rectangular raised beds which are lets face it, a bit dull.
The arch and vegetable beds will break the allotment side of the garden from the social side – though technically we’ll still have the herb beds situated close to the house.  Where the old pond is will be a patio dining area, which will be next to the BBQ and pizza oven.  The old pond may yet still be used as a soakaway or as a resevoir for the garden.
Finally close to the house will be laid to lawn, this’ll be for the odd occasional bit of sun bathing (which can only really happen between 11am and 3ishpm as the house is north facing, but don’t tell the missus) and ‘playing’ on.

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