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Winter is coming






Finally got round to getting a gardening update!  The sweetcorn did very well this year – we’ve been told by a friend that you need to pick them as soon as the tassels start going brown.  This is a good tip! Previous years we’ve had starchy but brilliant yellow corn.  This time we’ve had pale corn which has been sweeter than sugar.  But all good things come to an end – as you can see above everything was looking a bit dead.



I cleared the sweetcorn and squash, even tidying down the sides.  I then emptied a compost bin onto it and covered in pond liner to keep it cat litter free until next year.


Blight had taken out the self seeded tomatoes (these are commercial tomatoes that we must have put in the compost bin last year!) and all my other tomatoes – things were looking fine before we popped off on Holiday, but a week is a long time in gardening it seems!  So they all had to go.  We’ve decided to compost all of the tomato rubbish (blight or not) as I’m only intending to grow tomatoes in grow bags or fresh compost from now on.


Helen harvesting the squash and whatever she can rescue from the blighted ones.


The twilight chillies really putting on a display!


Hopefully the final mow of the year!


Produce found under the undergrowth.  The large marrow was a surprise, we thought that plant had died!

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Growth update


Look! Strawberries! Not as yet as well developed as my parents who live a mile away. Must be the altitude as I live on a hill – theirs are red and look like I should be eating them.


The brussel sprouts are doing well – not yet covered in black fly either so there’s hope yet.


Beans and mangetout are climbing well. I’m not sure how tall giant mangetout get. Last years variety barely manged a foot, we’re well above that, but I think they were a standard variety!


Our second set of sweet corn has gone out and is growing fast. Hopefully their growth will be caught on the relocated waarkcam!


Something else is also coming along… Only 7 weeks to go…!

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Sweetcorn day


Today was sweetcorn planting day. 12 rows, mostly with two plants in each, three squash in the middle for our two sisters bed.


Now with added cat protection!


Helen planted some blue azure


And I put down some weed suppressant membrane under the beans with holes for squash, Helen then back filled them with different real seed ones.

Loads more beans in the ground. We have three types. I’ve also dug in some tomatoes in the greenhouse and potted a few for outside. About a month ago Clive our neighbour gave us a couple of cuttings from his rosemary bush. They’re well established now so I potted them up.

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Two Sisters bed

No, not three sisters.  Not yet anyway.

Around some of our own home grown courgettes and a couple from the plant sale we decided to plant our sweetcorn.  In previous years we probably haven’t given our sweetcorn quite enough nutrients.  Before planting each plant, we dug in a few inches of manure and added about thirty plants.  It’s a lot for a small space, but it’s all good fun to see if it works.  This time round we’ve taken our advice from gardeners world – planting two side by side to get the most bang for buck.

We also got a few more cucumbers in and a couple of chilli plants.  Whilst I was busy setting up the chilli plants, my wife dug over the old strawberry bed and planted up with pumpkins – one of which is the mammoth variety…

Found some odd grubs in the soil when we were digging in the manure – since last year this bed had quite a bit of broccoli in it which was destroyed by pests these grubs may have been the cause.  Fortunately Mr Blackbird was happy to accept this offering and popped back later to see if he’d get any other tasty titbits.  He was out of luck as we decided to pop over to Hanningfield reservoir for an ice cream.

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Finally, something other than earth, earth, earth!

dog skull and cross bones

It definitely gets very boring when all you’re finding is a) couch grass b) dirt (consisting mainly of clay), c) earthworms.  Occasionally we find grubs, beatles or even ants.  Mainly it’s very dull.  So you can imagine my surprise when my shovel hit something hard. Was it some kind of wooden chest filled with gold?  ancient dinosaur remains? a murder victim? Of course not, but either a fox or small pet dog about fox size call Robert or similar.  Now of course his rotted remains will make wonderful fertiliser for anything grown in that area of the plot, but what to do with the remains?  I have enough problems with foxes as it is – the weed resistant membrane laid down at the weekend last is covered in doggy prints.  So leaving out skeletal remains is an open invite.  So I’ve stuck the majority of bones in a plastic plant pot and stuck it on the compost heap where it is less likely to jump on anything important.

On the other hand the child in me decided to stick the head on a stick, name it robert overseer of the allotment and put him by the water butt.

In other news we’ve planted the F1 ‘extra early extra sweet’ sweetcorn kernals so hopefully I can start my three sisters bed soon. I’ve dug a hole for the beans (two of them) to make a lovely arch between my big blue boxes and filled the water butt so I have less far to run in the evenings when I’m trying to water them extra quickly.  Helen split up some of the herbs she is growing in the hope that in a few months she can sell some at the hawkwell horticultural show.

I made the overly conscious decision to temporarily convert the watering can into a mini fridge and cooled my beer, sat in a chair and surveyed my land.  As well as chatting to patrick the neighbouring allotment who has planted out an impressive array of spuds – about ten varieties and about 40 in each row. He’s going to be eating spuds morning noon and night.

I’ve made a better growing cone for the sweet peas. I swear the blighters have grown about an inch since I planted them out on Wednesday.  I’m sure I’ll be back in a week and the cone will be groaning under the weight.

Tomorrow is definitely a weeding day.  And perhaps some proper photos using a decent camera rather than my mobile phone.

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