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Strawberries are in full swing – we’re getting several twice a day. Slugs, ants and other creepie crawlers are definitely taking their share.

Couple of cooking apples on the Bramley apple tree! May leave them and see what happens!

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First strawberries are in… Favourite time of year!


(This is a post that should have happened a month ago!)

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Garden update

As you can see the spring cabbages are coming along great!

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Finally some non-subzero weather!


Got a chance to do some gardening today seeing as I’d finally tidied the garage and the weather was above zero but also to “fix” my bike as my centre stand had rusted stuck.

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Allotmenty update


In the garden, it’s getting a little like Christmas.


Check out the decorations!


The above squash plant makes me think of a queen song. I have now taken down the cat protection to allow it to grow wild.


See! Almost a good dinner!


Natural vs un natural. The supermarket ones are so tough, they’re like cutting cucumber. The taste is similar, but the texture is eugh. Nice one Tesco. The natural are juicy and tiny.


Very few food miles on most the food 🙂


I mixed up the strawberries otherwise it’d be unfair. Also the black currants are ready!

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It’s a shockingly bad year for strawberries. This year we were getting kilos, but we’re lucky if we’ve had a single punnet!

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First strawberries


Not the best picture – I’d not noticed the slightly dodgy black one next to it. But they (not the dodgy one) were very, very tasty – still the best I’ve ever had!

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Growth update


Look! Strawberries! Not as yet as well developed as my parents who live a mile away. Must be the altitude as I live on a hill – theirs are red and look like I should be eating them.


The brussel sprouts are doing well – not yet covered in black fly either so there’s hope yet.


Beans and mangetout are climbing well. I’m not sure how tall giant mangetout get. Last years variety barely manged a foot, we’re well above that, but I think they were a standard variety!


Our second set of sweet corn has gone out and is growing fast. Hopefully their growth will be caught on the relocated waarkcam!


Something else is also coming along… Only 7 weeks to go…!

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November Strawberries


Proving mother nature really is a bit confused, I’ve picked my 2nd flush of strawberries. This is odd due to the fact it’s November. Where’s this autumn we’re supposed to be having?

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