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Thomas the Tank Engine Playhouse

Several relatives asked what toys my son would like.  But the sad fact is, we’ve got loads of toys, many second hand from friends, family and various facebook groups etc.

So what would he like?  He’s Thomas mad and loves to watch the series and movies (even the horrendous American ones)

I decided to use up a couple of the industrial metal barrels, but I’m a rubbish designer so I used sketchup with some downloaded models and did some basic scaling to get a rough idea of sizes and measurements.  After resizing, I found that an industrial barrel wasn’t quite long enough, but when scaled down, Thomas accommodate a 1.2m tall child in the cab.


We started out by cutting a template out of the side of Thomas and double checking that he’d fit.



Lots of circular and straight sections required, so out came the new jigsaw.




After day one, we were pleased with our progress – we’d adapted the design a little, Thomas’s boiler doesn’t stretch all the way to the cab, but it certainly looks the business now!




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Sheds (again)

Only just noticed by looking through my archives… If you look at:


You’ll see my poor ol’ friend Ben being mugged into not only once putting up the same shed, but twice.  But I have realised the shed is 3 years old… not bad for something that only cost £99, has been broken into, torn down and rebuilt.


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Last night I finally got down the allotment and was finally joined by my nearest and dearest.   It’s surprising how much longer the days lasts (yes I know the clocks have gone back) but seeing as during my first proper week down the allotment I was arriving at 5pm and finishing at 6pm when it got too dark, I’m surprised that already the day is lasting half an hour longer as I arrived at 5 and we weren’t packing up until it got particularly cold at 7:30 (and it was still light too!)

I decided that it was time I moved the water butt and discovered what lurked beneath.  Some time ago one of my neighbours gave me a few goldfish to put in the bottom.  I’m sad to say that over the winter I’d paid little attention to them and the water was worse than a bit murky.  However as I got down to the bottom where it was really quite silty, one gold goldfish and three still immature goldfish were lurking (that’s how many were originally in there!)

I was surprised at how much effort was required to move the water butt.  It’s now in a fairly shady location beside the shed rather than 1/3 of the way across the plot.  The main reason for moving it was for the shade for the fish, however the other issue was that I had to run a 16ft bit of drainpipe over the compost heap to get to it.  It did look fantastically madcap, but it was in a particularly silly location and looks much better now and is also ensuring our shed doesn’t blow over.







Talking of which, the next DIY job is to re-roof the shed.  The winds haven’t done it any good at all and the roof felt has started to come off.

The fish have been temporarily relocated into the pond whilst the water butt settles into its new location and the fresh water from the tap looses its chlorine.  The pond is supposed to be for wildlife and I know what happens when you get frogs spawn in a pond with fish.  I’ll have four fat fish and not a lot of spawn.

I’ve also discovered the first asparagus shoot and planted out the earlies.  It’s a bit late, but what the hell eh?

Whilst I was digging away planting out potatoes my better half was weeding the strawberries and swearing each time she pulled up a strawberry plant that had dug itself into our path.

I finished off by back filling the old pond (not the one with the fish in, the one with the horrible stagnant water) and tidying up the compost heap.







It also looks like my other neighbours have acquired our incinerator (even though they have their own) because it was smoking away, on their plot.  Did have a moment of panic when I noticed it had gone, but I borrow their wheelbarrow enough without asking!

Spring has definitely sprung – not only are the daffs out, but I’ve also seen leaves on most of my fruit bushes and my apple tree!

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Check out my pipes

Below is a lovely picture of my drainage solution.  Hi-tech support solutions (bits of broken pallet and drainpipe) really add to the character.

drainage solutions

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Since getting engaged Helens brother Tony offered to buy us a shed for our plot.  Last weekend we finally got round to getting it from Focus.  Yes it’s small and probably not sustainably sourced, but it is a shed and that is all that matters.

helen peeping

Our shed was lovingly put on six paving slabs on bare earth.  We shall see how silly this was in the forthcoming months.  Already the outside of the hut is very muddy, mainly from me running in and out exclaiming “we’ve got a shed!”


I’m not really that excited.  Well, maybe a bit.

tim is in

Already we’ve strung our tools up, rigged up water catchments of sorts (that’ll be the first to fall down as it is supported mainly from bits of wood) and sorted out a potting shelf (cum-shed support)

Yes, there really is nothing holding the shed down at the moment – just a few pallets stacked to one side (my potting shelf) and a few bottles of beer inside to weigh it down.




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I should also write of my wonderful lady friend who was mad enough to say yes on new years day.

As an engagement present we’re getting a shed from her brother!

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