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Seed planting


Oddly today’s heavy rain forecast doesn’t yet seem to have arrived. Our little microclimate is even a little sunny.

Helen has taken advantage of this and is planting seeds with a hope we might finish the greenhouse soon

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A break in my cycling today, off to meet a few guys from Bushcraft UK forums in the pub. This will be making cycling unsuitable later I suspect!

Strange triffid like creatures are stirring on my south facing window. Mispoona for all 🙂


The rocket is rocketing, and even the marigolds are poking their heads out

But what of the chilies?


Nothing. Soon my pretties, soon.

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Spring has sprung!

Before picture of shed area

This weekend we’ve done a bit of tidying, painting, put the decking down properly by the side of the shed (see below)


Spring has sprung! First few leaves of rhubarb sneaking through the manure

First few leaves of rhubarb

Our neighbours gave us some elephant garlic last year and we planted it straight in our raised beds – we’re already seeing the results

Elephant Garlic growing

And the first real indicator, not only did my pruning effort not kill the cherry plum but it’s in flower.

Cherry plum blossom

The rest showing our new cloches, the first outdoor seeds being sown and our kitties. We’ve also cat proofed the bed we’ll be using for the brassicas this year by laying branches all over it.

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Sprouting seeds


Fantastically the first sets of seeds (mispoona, rocket and marigolds) are coming up! I’ve decided to replace the lids with something more substantial though.

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Sowing time


It’s itching into spring now, though you might not realise it.

I dug out the seeds from last season (our ones from the real seed company haven’t yet arrived, it being only one day since we placed the order) and got a sowing. I have no faith many of the seedlings will make it, or even germinate. I’ve sown an arctic lettuce (should have sown about sept last year), rocket, chard, chillies, watercress etc but I hit upon an idea… Why not try planting kitchen spices? Obviously not the ground type but fennel, coriander, cumin etc.

I’ll keep you updated how they fare over the next few weeks.

I’ve also ordered a grow light to prevent them becoming too leggy, but they’re in the sunniest indoor spot that being our south facing front window!

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Real Seed Co

Real Seed Company website screen capture

The seed order went in yesterday – a wopping amount (about £69) which should do us for a couple of years – more so if we do seed saving.  Next of course we need to get the greenhouse setup which’ll take a great deal more time and money.  Because of my height, I just can’t easily fit in a ‘normal’ greenhouse.  We were given an old greenhouse from my Grandfather, who’d actually got it from my other grandfather a number of years ago.  A few bits and bobs were rotten and many more panes of glass were broken, but it still has the same height problem.  So I’m looking to get it raised higher by adding concrete blocks under the frame.  This means it’s got to be made level and proper foundations installed.

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Christmas, but earlier


It’s like Christmas. But in November. So many choices… What’ll we grow this year… Expect a list 🙂

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Minipost: Hop seeds arrived

I originally was going to buy a hop root (or rhizome) to save on the hassle of working out which was female and which was male.

Once I get a female, I can use the rhizomes to propigate more.  They’re a bit like raspberries.

Got the seeds of ebay – 40 for £1.  So if a few are male, I won’t mind.  Soon have my self sufficientish beer on the go!

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