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Plant sale & new water butt

Today was the plant sale down our allotment. Hosted by the committee it raised a fair bit of cash to put towards the constant admin, repairs to equipment etc.

I didn’t have any spare plants yet. But I contributed with 5 gallons of ale and 5.5 gallons of sweet ginger beer.

Mmm. The ginger beer was of course the most heavily drunk, it was after all 10am and the serious drinkers like myself were still nursing hangovers. Hopefully it’ll still hold out till next weekend when we have airshow.

I got a few new gooseberries (will still have an entire allotment of gooseberries), tomatoes, broccoli, mild chili and a few other bits and bobs. They also had a wonderful selection of cakes and by 11 I was washing it down with some of my aptly named ‘poisoned rat ale’.

My significant other turned up with parents who reminded us we’d offered to pick up a water butt from a close family friend. So we popped over with my friend Gary (one of my ushers at the big upcoming date…) to pick it up.

Gary levelling stand

When we returned, an insane idea gripped us – what about putting up on the other side of the shed so we could get water off the roof from there! This clever idea turned into a wonderful bodge ending up with me cutting my thumbnail with a rusty knife.

The bodge

It certainly bled out the rust however as it litterally pumped the blood up and out. Ouch. I used up all the spare medical gauze, tape and even a triangular bandage wrapped round to stem the flow! So the last pic shows me with the aforementioned bodge with a well wrapped thumb.

Tim with bandaged thumb

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REAL ginger beer instructable

Well the time was finally here to make some ginger beer!

So I made an instructable at the same time.  Since it’s the first time I’d made it, I’ve really got my fingers crossed.  By the way so far I have three people awaiting samples of ginger beer plant, so don’t forget to ask for some in the comments here (rather than instructables).

To satisfy demand I’m actually going to make 5g of ginger beer next week and let people pass judgment at the RALGA plant sale.

I guess I better get some paper cups for people sample with!

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