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The plot so far


It’s all looking pretty good sitting on my new patio. Now I only need to get the fence panel behind me to stop rattling!

We’ve got the water butt pump working and the IBCs are really coming into their own. Only last week it was torrential rain, but now the clay is cracking and I’ve got beans that need a healthy supply!

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Raised beds


Last night we had a fairly heavy frost (lots of ice on the windshield this morning) which is shocking due to the really mild almost summer temperatures we’re getting.

Fortunately the frost didn’t get the plants under plastic in the raised beds (I guess I won’t really know for a few days though!) and as you can see we’re off for a racing start on most our salads and root veg (I can almost taste the carrots and beet root!)

So spring really has now sprung and looking forward to the 5am watering sessions before work!

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tired. Oh so tired.


You could be mistaken in thinking I’d toiled down a coal mine. Rest assured it’s only compost but it’s coverage is a surprising 99.9% including even heavily clothed areas. Here for instance, I was wearing gloves. Thankfully that was only against blisters!


All the soil moved…


Leaving just a little required to fill to the top!

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As you can see I’m now being slave driven by the wife to dig compost and load up the raised beds without break or rest. She has told me if we do not have enough compost she’s going to murder me and put my body in one of the raised beds.

At least the beans will be well fertilised next year.

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Filling raised beds


It’s a good thing we changed plans on making a bed, filling a bed, making a bed, filling a bed etc as the last hour and a half has shown this to be back breaking work. I think I’d given up if I’d have a vision of what was to come.

Oh well, 3.5 to go…

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Raised beds pt3


Today I got the posts in and managed to line the first bed with yet more suppressant membrane. We’ve lined them so to protect the wood. Hopefully they’ll pretty much last for ever now.


Helen making sure it can drain well…


And all done! Ready for tomorrow when we’ll fill them. That’s going to be fairly back breaking!

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Last three days timelapse

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Raised Beds


We’ve put together the fourth and final bed. We’ve actually got enough to do one more bed, but no room.

To accommodate the cherry plum which I’ve rather viciously pruned we had to move the boxes a little way off our plans. This did mean to accommodate the greenhouse at the end of the garden and still get round it to maintain it, we lost the fifth box which was to be for strawberries. We’ll have to locate them elsewhere.

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2nd bed


2nd bed constructed but hasn’t had the posts banged in yet. We’ve decided to anchor it using just the posts in the middle.

Tomorrow we’ll be putting in the first load of compost into the raised beds, then covering it for next year…

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First raised bed


The first bed went together really well. Too well. Unfortunately the spikes were too long and pointed in the wrong directions. We’ve decided that it’s strong enough without the spikes but we’re going to add a couple in the middle of the beds.

The first one will need a bit of TLC before it’s properly settled.

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