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Capsicum baccatum, pepperdew piquante


A little while ago at pizza express if eaten one of their etna pizzas. It was very nice and had a mild, sweet chilli pepper on it. I found peppadew peppers in my local supermarket stuffed with cheese and the same sweet chilli flavour came through.

I set about wondering where I could get some seeds from, but it turns out its very difficult because they are apparently copyrighted. Not something I often come upon when growing fruit and veg.

It got me thinking and doing a bit of searching came across several people wanting to do the same thing.

A few searches on eBay and I’d found a supplier of “peppERdew” peppers. They claim to be so similar (could even come from the same plant… ) that you’d never tell the difference…

Whether they are actually from the same wild African shrub that’s been copyrighted or not, I couldn’t possibly say. All I can say is they’re similar!

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