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Pig roaster #5



I did ask my cousin in law to pick me up a barrel, that done I promptly forgot all about it!  In a cold sweat I remembered last week and had a look on eBay.  I could get them for £5 each, but it needed an hour and a half trip to Bury St Edmunds which I didn’t relish.  The other option was an hour and twenty trip to Kent for £8, having to brave the Dartford tunnel/bridge on a hot saturday and pay £1.50 each way.  I went to Bury.  Likely enough there was probably barrels closer to home, but I didn’t have time to search for them and these were from a perfume factory, so not so difficult to wash out.  I got several – mostly because I felt I’d probably have need of two (I didn’t, one was fine) and the scouts regularly use them as firepits and we go through them often with little chance of easily replacing them.



We finished off the welding – it was a good few hours of work.  We even put on a chain tensioner to remove the risk of it jumping if everything wasn’t exactly square/level.



Then disaster – the prongs for the mouth I’d ordered weren’t 25mm, they were 23mm! Complete screw up on my part.  I’ve ordered another 25mm one, but no luck as yet even though I’ve paid for next day delivery.



Just in case I decided to modify the 23mm to make it fit.  The welding is terrible, but it’ll do if the other doesn’t turn up.



The first test did not go successfully.  I used a rucksack loaded up with weights to simulate the 30kg weight of a dead pig.  It didn’t go well.  I sacrificed another collar and the 50cm stainless offcut from the main pipe.  I welded the collar onto it, used an old dumbell set to make up a large counterweight.  Fingers crossed this’ll do the job on the day if I can’t get it balanced properly!

Only two jobs left to do – grind a point onto the stainless bar and drill a small hole to enable the spit to be turned manually!

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Pig roaster #4

Welcome all hackaday people visiting the site today (

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And why not after look at a cob oven if you like cooking stuff?

Anyway, enjoy your stay and I hope the site can stand up to it all…


One of the main objectives of making my own pig roaster is making it mechanised. With the cogs and a few bits from eBay this is how I did it! (More pics and a video, click read the rest of this entry below)

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Pig roast #3


I decided as I’m hoping to rent this out I should get some proper stainless steel prongs to stop it rotating. My welding isn’t up to stainless steel levels!

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Pig Roast #2


Lamenting the lack of broken bikes I’ve been able to find, I was begging for bikes amongst friends when one mentioned a project in nearby Southend called “reCycle”. Bikes are donated, they repair and service them and sell to fund the scheme. It’s really quite good. They had plenty of bits for my hog roast turner.

I also picked up a ford mondeo windscreen wiper motor for £10 from a scrap yard. All ready to go now…

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Pig roast build #1

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit busy, so quite a few posts to catch up on…


What’s this you ask? It’s part of the pig roaster we’re building for my birthday. The idea is to make it mechanised so I can drink beer on my birthday and eat pig.
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Pig Spit Roast

Last year, due to the birth of my Son Sam, I had a very low key birthday party because he was born only a few days before and we couldn’t plan anything really.

I decided I wanted a bit more of a get together, so I threw together the idea of hiring my scout hall, having a low key BBQ and brew a couple of barrels of beer.

Then I saw an article on hog roasts.  It got me thinking – wouldn’t it be fun to do one myself?  Well, obviously.

I banged a few of my friends heads together and as most were bored at work, someone sent this idea over:Spit Roast

I told him this was too boring and to add a pig.

pig roast

Which he duly did.

Some discussion was had over how we would support the metal bar, because I felt a Y shaped bracket would generate too much friction and was keen to put it on bearings.  The idea is to motorise the assembly and the less friction the better.

This gave birth to the idea of ‘pig balls’ (ie open to bearing mounts) which the pole can sit on – if we pushed them into a traditional circular mount like we could scavenge from car wheels, we’d have a hell of a job getting the spit out when the pig was ready.  This way we can lift them out.

spit roast bearing solution

These can sit in a pool of grease and hopefully be fairly friction free.

The plan is to get a few knackered bike wheels and chain drive the wheel from a windscreen wiper motor.  The pig will be on a stainless steel tube about 35mm in diameter and will be singularly the most expensive bit of the build at £42 + Vat.

Sadly ‘pig balls’ aren’t easy to come buy – ebay had uk manufacturered bearings for £5.99 each (I’d need 4) or I could get 5 from China for £6 including postage.  A sad state of affairs though the UK bearings may be better quality, time will tell!

I’ll post a few pics of the build when we get started.

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