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A year at the new pad – Timelapse

It’s been a year in the new place and I’ve gotten round to making the video from the time lapse recorder.  I’m ashamed to say after the first two or three months, the camera ran out of juice, but the important bits were captured!

It’s time to move the camera and it’s now focused purely on the vegetable beds and greenhouse now.  Hopefully we won’t see too much of the cats using the raised beds as giant litter trays…

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Path update


The path is pretty much finished – just needs the gaps filled with sand at the end and the patio outside the greenhouse installed! We have however run out of sand so for the time being, it’s on hold until Monday. Hoping to have another bash fitting the greenhouse glass and I’ve seen some handy guides on how to join my greenhouse gutters together to a single waterbutt!

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Rain glorious rain…


Today we seem to have had four seasons in a day. Well that’s April I guess and it’s definitely showering now…

I’ve started to dig the slice between the path and the outbuildings ready to take the strawberry patch. I’ve rescued a bit of the jasmine, assuming it doesn’t get washed away tonight.

I’ve also muddied the path. There’s not much left to lay so should be finished tomorrow or Friday!

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Path update


As you can see, the path is really coming along now!

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Path update


The path is now 50% concreted and 99% de-earthed/hardcored.

Monday the slabs arrive… Looking forward to being able to walk to the end of the garden and be 6″ taller.

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Remember that hardcore I scored off freecycle? That green house my grandfather donated?


No more is it sitting in my front garden or down the side of my house… Well, not for long anyway. As you can see above the foundations for the greenhouse are in, the block work will be put down on Thursday leaving sun/mon to put up the greenhouse.

Meantime the rest of the hardcore is being used in the path.


It’s 27m long and will have a mini patio at the end with a small pergola to grow my grape vine and Japanese climbing berries.

All of this has been achieved over about 10hrs work by a single labourer – my neighbours son. I have no doubt I could have done both these jobs myself, but I imagine what has taken him just over a day would have taken a bank holiday for me and the path still wouldn’t be complete!

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