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Nettle Beer

The first of my undertakings to become more green was to make myself a nettle beer – no wine here.

On the Friday of last week I read an article on selfsufficentish regarding the making of ale from nettles.  I’d never considered doing this before so rather than read lots, I went out, picked a kilo of nettles, washed and boiled them, added them to a demi john with 8gms of ginger and 250gms of demeria sugar and pitched some yeast when it came to room temperate…

Just under a week later primary fermentation (the sugar has been used up) has finished and it’s ready for secondary fermentation.  For those who don’t know much about brewing it’s best to visit and read read read…

My first impressions of the process:

  • Nettles when boiling smell horrible.  So does the residue.
  • Ginger makes everything taste better
  • the aftermath of nettles leave you with plenty of small spiders…

Apart from that it was fairly easy.  The starting gravity of the solution was 1.010 which to me seems fairly low.  We’ll see how much tonight the gravity of the beer has dropped.  The difference in the gravity dictates the alcoholic content of my beer.

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