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Allotmenty update


In the garden, it’s getting a little like Christmas.


Check out the decorations!


The above squash plant makes me think of a queen song. I have now taken down the cat protection to allow it to grow wild.


See! Almost a good dinner!


Natural vs un natural. The supermarket ones are so tough, they’re like cutting cucumber. The taste is similar, but the texture is eugh. Nice one Tesco. The natural are juicy and tiny.


Very few food miles on most the food 🙂


I mixed up the strawberries otherwise it’d be unfair. Also the black currants are ready!

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Look at the new offering from your local superstore!

Only joking – these mangetout are both heritage varieties! We’ve already had the yellow variety this week, but the sneaky green type was hiding! Some of them are absolute monsters!

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Squash and mangetout


The mangetout are still on their quest for world domination. They’re approaching the 2.5ft mark and I’ve only ever had mangetout that get about 1ft high, produce a single pod and drop dead, so it’s a good start.


As you can see from the above under the mangetout we’ve got squash and they’re settling in nicely.



And the chard is getting a little thick stemmed.

I’ve also had to tie up the tomatoes on the outside. They’re leaps and bounds forward compared to the ones in the greenhouse which is pretty surprising.

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Glad to announce my 2.5ft high mangetout are now starting to flower! This is new to me as usually by this point of the year I’d be so snowed down at the house/flat I couldn’t get down the allotment! But because it’s now in the back garden I can appreciate it all as it is!

I can also appreciate the 3rd week of roasted beetroot!

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Growth update


Look! Strawberries! Not as yet as well developed as my parents who live a mile away. Must be the altitude as I live on a hill – theirs are red and look like I should be eating them.


The brussel sprouts are doing well – not yet covered in black fly either so there’s hope yet.


Beans and mangetout are climbing well. I’m not sure how tall giant mangetout get. Last years variety barely manged a foot, we’re well above that, but I think they were a standard variety!


Our second set of sweet corn has gone out and is growing fast. Hopefully their growth will be caught on the relocated waarkcam!


Something else is also coming along… Only 7 weeks to go…!

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Salad & Mangetout


Despite regular culls, the salad is approaching triffid proportions. So far I’ve given away three carrier bags and have had six fairly large bags shared between the wife and I for lunches.

Well it’s probably paid for the seeds used to plant it already. Plus the salad is much tastier than the stuff in the shop and infinitely fresher. Each day I’m picking it fresh from the rain, then washing it (which seems bizarre). Today I’m taking a large bag to work to share around. My favourite is the mortons secret mix from the real seed co. I shall definitely be planting much more of it!

Discovered something had been digging up my giant mangetout. I’m not sure how big it’s going to get so I’ve put up substantial been poles in the hope it’ll shoot up 6ft tall. Doesn’t help if the fox is digging it up though…


And finally cats camouflaged in their unnatural environment.


Can you spot them both?

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Plant sale down the lottie

Didn’t realise there was a plant sale down the lottie, but we managed to pick up a load of runner beans to replace the mangetout that had died in the cold frame.  We also got a couple more courgettes!

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Busy weekend…

Handprints in the compost




Got down the allotment about 10:30 and dug in the mushroom log. To counteract the heat of the sun and the current lack of tyres I covered it over with an empty compost bin and wet it.

I also dug a trench for the mangetout and prepared a cane climbing frame. Unfortunately I made the mistake of digging and seeding the wrong way (into the wind) which of course when the plants are growing will be like a fence. We shall soon see the strength of my scout lashings and beanpole construction.

The neighbours who skimmed their topsoil to remove the couch grass made huge stacks on the corners of their plot. Last thing on sat they told me I could take as much as I liked. Whilst the soil is very very dry and very fibrous due to the amount of dead couch etc I needed soil to fill my final raised bed for my three sisters planting. I transported almost half of their giant stacks across and dumped it in my box with a car load of manure and covered over with weed suppressant membrane. I know some of that couch is likely to spring back to life, but with the manure and membrane we ought to be able to fight it off till it _finally_ dies!

Planting out




I planted up some butternut squashes and the girlfriend planted up a lot of seeds into the veg bed shes been preparing. We’ve got a few root veggies, plenty of rocket (no, enough to feed the five thousand _easily_) and some sprouts which I personally detest. I’ve got my money on the slugs destroying them!





Finally met the last neighbour adjoining my plot – nice guy whos wife is a horticulturalist. We discussed why my rubarb leaves are now red – it’s probably the frost we’ve had but it may have been over manure (seeing as it is in a pure manure bed it’s always a possbility!

I decided to plant a few sunflower seeds up and around the spare poles – always best to keep the birds happy as they can pick off the slugs I’m going to leave out for them – it reminds me to create a slug table for them.

I stuck down a few more sheets of the weed membrane in the hope of killing more couch grass so digging is easier for next year, but I hold little hope it’ll actually work. I’ll probably manure on top this weekend so the worms do most of the work for me.

Just as I was leaving the plot I met an old lady who burdened me with a few sweet potatoes. these particular tubers were grown from a Waitrose pack some five years previously and she’d been passing them off to each and every allotment holder since. I’ve not had sweet potato but since I don’t like swede or similar I suspect these may be for the girlfriend rather than me. They did however have a large number of holes through them, so I’m a little worried by this – perhaps it’s disease?

Spent about 10 hours total, photos to come.

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