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IBC cladding


The IBC ‘s are now clad keeping sunlight, leaves and animals out.

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If you missed the national news on Essex, you may have missed the floods.

It was wet.

You can see the water pouring out of the gutter.  This is because we filled all 3,000 litres of the IBCs in a couple of hours.  The water pouring out is actually overflow because it has nowhere to go.




To the left, you’ll see the chicken coop project I hoped to start today.



Under the squash leaves, it’s a foot deep.

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Last year along with the greenhouse my grandfather gave me his old irrigation system. It came with a massive amount of parts and bits and bobs. Most I didn’t even know what they did.

It took about 5 hours to do, but I can now turn on the tap and the raised beds are watered! It’ll even link up the IBC if they ever fill again! May/June was surprising dry and cold!


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The plot so far


It’s all looking pretty good sitting on my new patio. Now I only need to get the fence panel behind me to stop rattling!

We’ve got the water butt pump working and the IBCs are really coming into their own. Only last week it was torrential rain, but now the clay is cracking and I’ve got beans that need a healthy supply!

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Blingy IBC


I had a bit of roofing paint left over, so I painted the IBC. Looks very blingy and should keep it algae free!

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Drought declared & 10 top tips on water saving

Today, offically the South East has been declared as in drought.

If you’re a regular reader to my blog, you’ll know I’m not that worried because I’ve beefed up my water catchment to just under 4,000 ltrs.  Currently they’re all full (infact overflowing!) and I’ve been draining them to make room for the next rainfall.  The backgarden is so full of water I’m constantly wary of being sucked under when making my way about – and when I return to the house I’m usually a few inches taller due to the mud.

I’m also already on a water meter.  My showers are a mere 3-4 minutes a day and at a push I’d be happy to shower every other day.

I don’t think everyone has the room for 3×1000 litre IBCs above ground, but if they did I think they’d find the idea of drought much less terrifying.

Some tips:

1.) Don’t leave the tap running when brushing teeth
2.) Avoid power showers, when showering turn off after wetting down, soap up and then wash off miltary style.  I’m proud my wife has been doing this for years… I hate doing it and rather have a shorter shower – but I have GI Joe hair.
3.) Use a bowl when washing up.  Throw excess water down the toilet to ‘flush’ it.
4.) Install a flush bag – contact your local water company, they have lots of free clever gadgets for taps and toilets.
5.) If washing up, whilst waiting for the hot water to run through, catch the cold in a bucket, it can be used on your veg.
6.) Only slightly soapy water can be used on flowers.
7.) Like a long shower?  Take the washing up in with you.
8.) Ignore the lawn.  It’s grass and it’ll grow back.  Concentrate on fruit and veg plants.  Install a root waterer (cut the bottom of a bottle off and bury it next to the roots – or use a section of drain pipe!) and water the roots direct
9.) Only water plants last thing at night or first thing in the morning before the sun comes up.
10.) Mulch round plants with straw/manure.  This just means spreading some around the base of the plant.  Less water is lost through evaporation.

Is there likely to be a hosepipe ban in Essex?  If the BBC’s website is to be believed, possibly not as we’re only listed as a moderate risk as opposed to Londons high risk.  Only time will tell!

More to the point, tens of thousands of new homes are in the planning stages around the area, yet where is the water coming from to supply them?

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Sadly it’s come to this


Sadly I seem now to be excited by rushing home to find out how much water has accumulated in the IBCs. Last night for instance, I got 100ltrs.. We’re now up to 275ltrs in the first IBC – over 1/4!

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IBCs connected


Finally I’ve connected the IBCs


Taken off the guttering


Replaced angled towards the IBCs and connected them up with whatever came up hand!

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Suppressant Membrane Industrial Stuff!


First set of membrane went down. It goes the full length of the allotment area. After putting it down, we realised that it’s pretty waterproof. Oops. Well it’ll be good for water conservation.

The IBCs were moved so we could run the membrane underneath. This ought to prevent weeds coming up around underneath them.


The IBCs were moved so we could run the membrane underneath. This ought to prevent weeds coming up around underneath them.


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Well the first step of our allotment is to uncover the ground and level it. And mow. And mow. As you can see, it’s looking tidyish now, the last bit still needs a mow and the shed moving. I’m then going to dig out the weed killer and give the whole area a dose.

If we’re lucky we’ll soon be laying down the membrane.

Rest of the garden’s a bit rubbish.


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