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Ha. Another year.

Keep getting busy and forget to post! So anyway, let’s try and get a bi weekly update!

So what has happened to me? Well I’ve moved jobs and been working long hours. I also managed to accumulate an extra 2.5 stone as I was working in a “good food” location. So I was over eating.  The food I was eating was good, but not healthy.

Now I’m working away – I spend about 3 nights in a hotel and food is OK but fatty.

We’re going to have a go at eating a more vegetarian diet (but I’m not giving up meat).  This is starting off with growing some nice fresh herbs!

Got a helping hand! Though he wasn’t keen to get muddy at first.

Lined them with black bin liner for water proofing

Some delicate sowing followed by tidying up

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Allotment update!

My second trip to the allotment this year (though my wife has been down many more times than me!)

First pic is the chili and pepper plants I’ve planted up from reduced price plug packs.  Second pic is the current herb and salad bed.  The third bed is the remains of the leeks from last year as well as the new brussel sprout plants.  4th is the onion bed planted in september/october time.

The fifth pic is the rhubarb bed.  You’d probably not realise that we’ve actually had about 18-19KG of rhubarb from here.  Scary stuff, that’s a lot of rhubarb to chomp through.  My wife spent Saturday night skinning the rhubarb and chopping it into 1-2″ chunks which is now in the freezer.  Freezing is one way to deal with the glut, but there are others!

Sixth pic is our fruit bed.  My wife made a good decision which was to put the old walk in greenhouse over the fruit bed.  We can now stretch netting over it to make a handy moveable cage.  The strawberries have been moved from the old bed which was over run with couch grass and the rest had been relocated from the garden path.

7 & 8 are a view from the bottom of the plot, and nine are our new purple planting brocolli

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