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DIY Plastic Fascia and guttering


When we took down our car port (before it fell down) we discovered they’d tarred and felted under the roof tiles. This was a bit of a pain because we couldn’t lift the tiles without removing the end cap.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) this week we had to replace the roofing on the lean to, so the builder helpfully removed the end cap and some of the felt leaving it possible for removing the rest myself.


With the wood that held the carport wrenched out of the wall and the felt removed (and one tile split and given an emergency repair) we put up the fascia.

The correct way of doing this is to completely remove the old fascia and replace with plastic or wood. I was using a much thinner over cover. If your boards are rotted, they need removal. Mine were manky but not rotten so I could nail on the thinner cover.


Chuck on some guttering and you’re done – the water goes down the drain. Looks much better than raggedy bits of felt!

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