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Mirror mirror on the wall


Who’s the prettiest chicken of them all?



Yes yet again we have gooseberry sawfly.


We have some natural defenders – Piri Piri has stepped up to the challenge!


Took a walk with Sam today to see the bluebells.


And to play chase chase (Sam’s current favourite game) and play pooh sticks in the stream.  I won. Sam didn’t seem bothered.

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Gooseberry Sawfly

Gooseberry crop

Last year I lost almost all my crop to gooseberry saw fly.  Unknowingly, it also did for our red current bush which couldn’t take the strain and pretty much dropped dead.

Whilst late in the season (probably due to the cold weather) they are now making an appearance.

The gooseberry saw fly looks like a wasp.  The eggs hatch out late April early May and can devistate a plant almost overnight (in my experience).  If you see small holes appearing in the leaves, it’s the most likely culprit – squash (or feed to birds) any caterpillars or eggs you find.  At the end of the season disturb the soil around the roots so that birds can get in and eat the eggs.

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