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Lidl Fruit Trees & Landscaping

The whole point of my time-lapse camera is to take pics of the renovation of the garden.

Unfortunately due to the sheer amount of water this hasn’t been easy. Last night Helen put the fruit trees into the ground, but I spent my evening painting one of the many bedrooms.

This weekend I’m away, yet gardening is still scheduled to be happening… My neighbours are popping through the fence to remove some of the well established shrubs which don’t fit into my planting regime. They were going to be hacked down, so I appreciate that they’re going to a new home.

In a week and a half time however we’ll be taking down the conifers. Not my neighbours on the left this time but the neighbours on the right (he wants for wood) and I’ll be arranging delivery of a large amount of spent mushroom compost to revitalise the soil!

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Timelapse First Shot

After setting up the camera, this is the first shot taken and the first shot on of my new garden n’ allotment to be.

I ordered my timelapse camera from  It is made by Wingscapes and is a ‘projectcam’

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