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Last of the plants


Today was the last day at the plot. Yes, technically we’ve “lost the plot” but not in a nasty way. We decided to give it up early – I’m proud to say it wasn’t a letter or calls from the committee that drive us to it, but due to or new house, my wife’s erratic shift work and the relocation of my job we couldn’t get down of a weekend.
We’re moving to the plot closer to home though, so the blog will continue all be it more of a gardeners blog. I still get the community as both neighbours are happy chatters and we swap tips and experience, so no loss there.
Today we moved the last of the plants, strawberries, gooseberries, rhubarb, blackcurrant, redcurrant, grape etc all were dug up and moved – along with a lot of junk.

The plot does look a bit empty and sad, especially since I strimmed it so there’s only a few overgrown raised beds left. It’s nice and ready now for a new owner to take it on, so hopefully it’ll get taken over quick!

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