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Star ceiling fin!


After another 3hrs of my wife drilling and me shoving fibre optic leads and gluing, we’re done! Looks pretty sweet now 🙂

We invited the neighbours round. The guy next door did wonder why I kept saying “I’m shoving it down now” and she was saying “to the window two inches” and “do you want me to pull on it” etc. Soundproofing isn’t quite as good through the tiles it seems!

I finally finished the day with the installation of a shiny new alarm and popping out for dinner with the wife and an evening in the amusements at the seaside where she (not me, I’m useless) won a cuddly toy.


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Fibre optics


Just for fun (and the education) of the one-yet-to-be-born, I’m putting in a fibre optic ceiling with the constellations.


To do this, I’ve engaged the help of my friend Ben. He angled my projector at a mirror so we could get the constellations on the roof


And the marked up with pencil.


One marked, each one has to be drilled, the cross rubbed out and a fibre optic pushed UP so I can locate it. Next upstairs I push a thread DOWN and glue it into place. Then to finish each one is snipped to 1″ from the ceiling so it doesn’t Halo.

From on top of the roof




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