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Since getting engaged Helens brother Tony offered to buy us a shed for our plot.  Last weekend we finally got round to getting it from Focus.  Yes it’s small and probably not sustainably sourced, but it is a shed and that is all that matters.

helen peeping

Our shed was lovingly put on six paving slabs on bare earth.  We shall see how silly this was in the forthcoming months.  Already the outside of the hut is very muddy, mainly from me running in and out exclaiming “we’ve got a shed!”


I’m not really that excited.  Well, maybe a bit.

tim is in

Already we’ve strung our tools up, rigged up water catchments of sorts (that’ll be the first to fall down as it is supported mainly from bits of wood) and sorted out a potting shelf (cum-shed support)

Yes, there really is nothing holding the shed down at the moment – just a few pallets stacked to one side (my potting shelf) and a few bottles of beer inside to weigh it down.




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I should also write of my wonderful lady friend who was mad enough to say yes on new years day.

As an engagement present we’re getting a shed from her brother!

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