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New lights

The first set of energy efficient lights have arrived for my kitchen.  These are 4w compared to the normal 50w – though they’re only saving about 31w an hour because we were using lower wattage bulbs.

They’re day bright, came from ebay for about £3.80.  When you consider that’s only about 1,226hrs of use before they earn back their outlay and an estimated 50,000hrs of use.  Let me know if my maths is off

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Double Glazing

Currently our house is a mixture of different windows – Most of the house is made of Steel framed single glazing, except the front and back.  The front is double glazed but the windows have ‘blown’ which means that the inert gas that fills the panes has leaked out and condensation is building up inside, similarly our large patio doors have a crack in them.

So replacing with double glazing is what I’ve got my eye on at the moment, and we’ve had a number of quotes.  They have been fairly close – the first two within a hundred or so quid of each other, both reputable local companies with each window roughly working out at about £450 each to replace.

On investigation, I could buy these cheaper and install them myself – at roughly half the price.  This also involves a building inspector, probably a number of family members or friends – and probably a lot of hassle.

The 3rd option is similar to the 2nd, but get someone to fit them on your behalf.  I’ve not priced this yet, but when I do I’ll post up the results.

So what makes them worth replacing?  Well the main concern is will they save as much energy and/or offer additional benefits.   Your first stop should be here – the GGF online calculator for energy savings – my results are the pic at the start of the post – a potential saving of £4,000 – though I suspect mine may be higher because I probably have more windows than the average 3 bed house, but I digress.

My 2nd benefit apart from the energy saving is the fact my current windows actually fall out when I unlock and open them.  This is not good, so increased security will be a benefit.

The 3rd benefit is the cooling of the windows – currently Low E windows are all the range – these allow warmth into the property in the winter and have the benefit of trapping it in.  During the summer, due to the angle of the sun the Low E will reflect the  sun making it cooler.

The 4th benefit is that the supplier I am looking at has fire escape latches on all windows, allowing anyone resident in the property to escape.

Is it worth it?  I hope so  because currently I’m feeling very, very cold

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Who’s the most power efficient of them all?

I’ve been trying recently to tune down the number of gadgets eating up electricity in my home.  Unfortunately I have several not exactly essential items including my wifi nabaztag (Seiko) and my digital photo frame (but just think of the fewer chemicals used to print thousands of unnecessary photos!)

It turns out though, that my current selection of games console, the wii is the most energy efficient of the lot.  Except of course I have wiiconnect24 on, which I’m going to disable tonight.

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