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Counting the cost…

Since the start of this year we’ve not really harvested a lot, mainly because there hasn’t been a lot to harvest and we weren’t intent on keeping a crop all year round.

Now we’re apparently in summer, we’re starting to crop.  So I’m going to try and assess what we pick and see how much money it saves.

For comparison purposes, I’m going try and compare like with like.  All our products are organic, so I’ll be comparing them with organic prices.  My fiancee disagrees on this because she wouldn’t buy organic in the shops – mainly because of the price, but I say there’s no point in comparing apples with oranges.

So we’re starting from the start of this week where we have harvested around 4 bags of mixed salad at £1.29, two lots of strawberries at £2.40, potatoes at 42p and rhubarb at £7.19.

I was suprised by the rhubarb prices – after all the stuff I’ve got is much thicker, juicer and tasty.  It’s currently £5.49 a kilo in the shops and the stuff I’ve got is lovely.  Organic strawberries are £8.40 a kilo currently.  Some of my fellow allotmenteers have been getting three kilos from their plots and I salute them.  Thankfully I’m getting just enough for a bowl each per day (that’s about a punnets worth)

So far, in one week, I’ve harvested £17.57 worth of food.  My allotment is less than a tenner a year, but I’ve put in plenty of effort so far – I’m sure if I worked the same length of time on the same rate I am on at work, I’d be running a heavy loss, but that’s not the point.  If I was in a gym, I’d be paying £40 a month for the same sort of work out and I’d have nothing to show for it.  Plus because it’s organic, I’m guarenteed to have less in the way of pesticides in my diet and it’s fresher.  I picked my salad at 6:30 this morning for lunch.  The supermarkets can’t beat that (though I’m aware it may only be a difference of hours…)

Which reminds me, better plant some more salad…

Another shock is that I’ve had over 25mm of rain in the last three days.  My waterbutt is for the first time overflowing

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