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eBay of course is a wonderful world to get bargains. Generally I find the best bargains have stories attached. Like this router table I got for £35.45p. It’s from a company that’s now closed its doors. It’ll have a new life sitting gathering dust no doubt in my garage until some accident befalls it.

(The real plan is to make tables and kitchens from it.)

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Minipost: Hop seeds arrived

I originally was going to buy a hop root (or rhizome) to save on the hassle of working out which was female and which was male.

Once I get a female, I can use the rhizomes to propigate more.  They’re a bit like raspberries.

Got the seeds of ebay – 40 for £1.  So if a few are male, I won’t mind.  Soon have my self sufficientish beer on the go!

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