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Almost recovered from my swine flu, though to be honest the bank holiday weekend really took it out of me.  I did a bit of planting at the local St John Ambulance station (They now have much prettier baskets outside) and made some wholemeal bread.  If you aren’t aware you can buy fresh yeast from your local supermarket (assuming they bake bread fresh and don’t just bake half baked bread like my local Somerfields).  It’s usually quite cheap and you can get more than you’d usually get in a fast bake pack.  I also used this to make wholemeal pizza.

Sunday/Monday is airshow and the weather really was good for it.  Fortunately my allotment is on the flightpath for the local airport and we got some really good views of the red arrows, as well as assorted other craft including what I believe was a spitfire.

Whilst down the lottie I also managed to completely clean out the pond which was full of dirt and relocated the fish to the now shaded waterbarrel.  Similarly I also fixed the other barrel, strimmed the grass, did a bit of weeding, dug a new bed for the tomatoes and then I did something I’ve been meaning to do for absolutely ages.  I installed some watersaving devices.

Now I don’t get a lot of time to tend my plot in the morning, seeing as I get to work for 8.  What I spend most my time doing is running around manically watering.  I do this because if you water late at night, you get slugs.  Water in the morning and the ground has a chance of drying before the invading armies make it over the beds to your delicious plants.  However when it gets dry, and on clay soil like mine it gets really dry, when you water, most of the time the water just drains off on the surface.

There are two ways to get the water where it is needed.  Both are dead simple and are very similar.  Way number one is to chop up an old drainpipe and push it into the soil around the plants roots.  About 1/3 in the soil, the rest sitting out.  You can use any length or diameter.  Similarly you can use plant pots – just dig a hole around the base of the plant, push in the pot and with both methods, you can then fill to the brim with water.  It’ll gradually soak away into the soil straight into the roots where it’s needed and not off to the sides where you’ll usually find oodles of weeds.

It’s reduced my watering already today by 100% – but that’s because it’s cats and dogs outside right now…

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