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Its been a while, a couple of years really, since we used our starter.

I’d frozen some and it was hidden away in the freezer somewhere…

Anyway, I finally decided to ask Helen to do my dirty work and find it, after all she’d seen it and wanted it out of the freezer.

So she defrosted it and left it in the fridge. I gave it a sniff and identified it as houmous.

Another search later I found it in a vacuum pack bag.

So for the last week I’ve been faithfully feeding and stirring and its now bubbling occasionally. I hope.

Anyway, its now making a “sponge” so tomorrow I’m going to have a go at baking it over an open fire!

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One of the things I used to really enjoy was baking bread and I rarely get round to it anymore. So I found a supplier of sourdough starters (this is a 15 year old one) and got it going at home

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