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Just found I have a gallery feature, so if you’re subscribing via RSS, you may be annoyed by this… 

One thing I didn’t take a picture of yesterday was the assembling of the scaffolding boards for the raised bed.  Basically I left a small part of my plot to my friend to plant in.  Two months later, she’s just about broken the surface, but it needed a lot more work, ie double digging.

This meant a six hour digging marathon where I started by emptying about 2ft of soil onto a black pond liner I had lying about.  I then dug in soil improver and fresh manure (because that’s what was available) to try and break up the clay (see pics one and three – the clay was coming out in huuuuge lumps and the first pic shows the black soil improver)

The result was the beds volume was raised by the same height as the scaffolding boards – almost a foot.  Shows how compressed the clay way, now it’s broken up and I’ve dug in some drainage I hope to grow things other than weeds  in it this year.

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