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Crust conductor


A bit of a dream of mine was to get a bus and stick a pizza oven on it touring festivals etc serving good pizza. But I’ve been pipped to the post by the crust conductor. I first became aware of them last year when my work colleague asked  about pizza oven construction and mentioned his sister had one that needed a bit  of finishing.


It took a while to go visit, but finally we had a free weekend and they’d just reopened after the Christmas break.  As we walked on board we were hit by the smell of wood smoke and pizza from the oven – I was quite surprised by the setup as well. As you can see there were no complaints about the pizza of the chance to sit behind the wheel.

The real bonus of visiting them in Peckham is the brick brewery adjacent to the bus.

Great pizza and beer – all weathers in the bus but I really see it taking off in the summer in the outdoor seating area.

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