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chickens on garden furniture

The advantage of it being winter now is that we can let the chickens freerange.  This means the rhubarb is gone.  Completely.  They really like rhubarb.

Next to go is the comfrey (my bocking 14 variety) which is in the process of being decimated.

Apparently even the garden furniture is fair game (as below).

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Chilli seeds and tomatoes


It was about time to pot up a couple of the chillis that grew from my pepperdew seeds from last year and split some of the comfrey

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Comfrey Bocking 14 super fertiliser!


Recently I bought some comfrey off a seller on eBay. It’s a type called bocking 14 and it’s especially good rotted in water as a fertiliser. I paid for six plants (though I’m sure one would have been enough but the seller only did them in lots of six.

I got seven, which was nice. This is them about 2-3 weeks on and they’ve bedded in nicely.

Now of course I’ve got to find somewhere to put them…

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