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When mother nature gives you blight, make chutney


Lots of lovely toms with their potential ruined by blight. I managed a couple of dozen tomatoes before blight cruelly took over. Nevermind… Make chutney! Using Jayefuu’s grans recipe they are being converted.


It’s also my first ever chutney made by me!

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Rhubarb and Apple Chutney

I’m sorry, I’m about to to mention the ‘C’ word even though we’re in May – it’s time to think of CHRISTMAS (you were thinking Chutney was going to be it didn’t you…)

The recipe is “Christmas Spiced Apple & Rhubarb Chutney”, and the current batch (and infact all batches as I’m not a big chutney fan) were made by my wife.  It’ll be ready just in time for Christmas as chutney takes a while to mature.


1.5KG Rhubarb
500g onions
500g red eating apples
1.5 cups sultanas
1KG soft brown sugar
1.25L apple cider vinegar
4tsp salt
1tsp cayenne pepper
1tsp ground cloves
1tsp ground cinnamon
2tsp ground ginger


Peel & thinly slice the onions, core but don’t peel the apples but thinly slice them.  Cut the rhubarb into chunks (1-2″).

Put it all into a stainless steel or enamel pot and bring it up to the simmer.  Simmer for two hours, stirring every 15 minutes as it reduces it gets thicker.

Wash and sterlise the jars & lids.  Pour the chutney into a warm jar & place lids on straight away.  Leave to cool.

The original recipe was taken & adapted from a member (frizz1974 originally taken and adapted from a link from Minerva) of the Jamie Oliver website.  Enjoy

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