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Spring has sprung!

Before picture of shed area

This weekend we’ve done a bit of tidying, painting, put the decking down properly by the side of the shed (see below)


Spring has sprung! First few leaves of rhubarb sneaking through the manure

First few leaves of rhubarb

Our neighbours gave us some elephant garlic last year and we planted it straight in our raised beds – we’re already seeing the results

Elephant Garlic growing

And the first real indicator, not only did my pruning effort not kill the cherry plum but it’s in flower.

Cherry plum blossom

The rest showing our new cloches, the first outdoor seeds being sown and our kitties. We’ve also cat proofed the bed we’ll be using for the brassicas this year by laying branches all over it.

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This is about as close as cats come to helping with the weeding. Unfortunately our garden suffers with bindweed something cronic, so the few beds we’ve dug are quite infested.

On a positive note the gooseberries which looked like they’d died after the move have picked up and the first few leaves have started to appear.


Similarly the grape which promptly died has also started to exhibit signs of life and new growth has started to appear.


We’d got bored of looking at our IBCs in the centre of the garden so they’re now in their final resting place – except they still need a layer of hardcore under them!

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