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Blackfly on Broad Beans

Unfortunately the warm weather has seen a large infestation on our allotments (not just mine) of blackfly.  Fortunately my runner beans aren’t affected (I’ve seen one or two) but the broadbeans are crawling with them.

There are a few ways to deal with blackfly.

Apparently companion planting with marrigolds can produce good results – there is something about the smell they don’t like, but if you’re infested it’s probably too late for that.

Plant in November rather than spring, you’ll get an earlier crop and miss the black fly season

3rd is making up a weak solution of washing up liquid and water, and spraying daily.   I did this a couple of days ago and I’m seeing good results, my broadbeans however are pretty bad.  I’m not sure I’m going to see an awful lot of improvement.  Shame, it’s the first year I’ve grown them.  I’ll probably go for a November planting next year.

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