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Companion planting


The beans are now getting close to the top of the frame. Though for a change, we seem to have avoided black fly and aphids.

Helen made a lot of effort to plant marigolds around pretty much everything. She also planted some sunflowers which are heaving with aphids and ants (the ants farm them, clever really, suggests more intelligence than many people I know). This is the essence of companion farming -marigolds emit a smell which some people claim keeps away the pests. Seems to be working… The sunflowers too provide a haven for pests which mean they’re being fed and the sunflower draws them away from my crops. They’re only really for looking at, so I’m not worried if the aphids and ants get a free meal.

Also, I had tiny carrots…


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Growth update


Look! Strawberries! Not as yet as well developed as my parents who live a mile away. Must be the altitude as I live on a hill – theirs are red and look like I should be eating them.


The brussel sprouts are doing well – not yet covered in black fly either so there’s hope yet.


Beans and mangetout are climbing well. I’m not sure how tall giant mangetout get. Last years variety barely manged a foot, we’re well above that, but I think they were a standard variety!


Our second set of sweet corn has gone out and is growing fast. Hopefully their growth will be caught on the relocated waarkcam!


Something else is also coming along… Only 7 weeks to go…!

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Sweetcorn day


Today was sweetcorn planting day. 12 rows, mostly with two plants in each, three squash in the middle for our two sisters bed.


Now with added cat protection!


Helen planted some blue azure


And I put down some weed suppressant membrane under the beans with holes for squash, Helen then back filled them with different real seed ones.

Loads more beans in the ground. We have three types. I’ve also dug in some tomatoes in the greenhouse and potted a few for outside. About a month ago Clive our neighbour gave us a couple of cuttings from his rosemary bush. They’re well established now so I potted them up.

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