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Feeding the bats


One of today’s achievements is an insect hotel which I’m intending to put at the end of the boxes by the fence to provide shelter for the little beasties such as ladybugs and maybe the odd bee.


The other job in the garden was finishing off the fence. It wasn’t the easiest job because the panel had to join another fence which was a couple of feet away back from the real boundary. Not only did it need a new gravel board cut to size and shape but a custom panel as well. I think it turned out pretty well! Now next weekend it’ll need a good lick of paint!


Through all of this I had a little (a lot) of help from my friends. We’d filled the boat with filler and whilst it dried built two insect boxes, painted them and the bat box.

The above photo is my grandfathers grandfathers vice. It still runs as smooth as it did probably a hundred years ago.

We spent a lot of time trying to fix it to the work bench – it required a lot of work. Old tools are often built to last and are massively over engineered. This is one of those tools and it seems to be made out of lead. Whilst we didn’t actually get it on and in, it’s now possible to get it in when I get the right sized bolts.


Finally up is the painting up of the boat. Gary sanded down the boat, even hoovered it! I on the other hand was fitting my router to my bargain eBay router table.

We both finished off the painting of the boat ASAP as our respective partners wanted us back in the real world.

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Gone batty.


Today, apart from buying a large number of fruit trees I’ve also built a bat box! You can get instructions here:
Bat Box Plans it cost about £3.60 in wood, 60p hinge and a few pence for the screws. The felt and glue was hanging about.


It still needs a bit of work, I’ve also put roof felt on and it needs some stain to protect it, but pretty much ready to be mounted!

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