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Rain glorious rain…


Today we seem to have had four seasons in a day. Well that’s April I guess and it’s definitely showering now…

I’ve started to dig the slice between the path and the outbuildings ready to take the strawberry patch. I’ve rescued a bit of the jasmine, assuming it doesn’t get washed away tonight.

I’ve also muddied the path. There’s not much left to lay so should be finished tomorrow or Friday!

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Paper pots


My wife made a load of paper pots to plant the brassicas etc in.

Candy has decided to nest in them.

My wife is not best pleased.

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First day of spring!


You’d be forgiven for thinking spring was already here – it’s been unseasonably warm for a few days, frosts are few and far between. But today the sun is at is midpoint between the lowest point of winter and highest point of summer – the Spring
Equinox – plenty more info here:

You’d think I’d be doing some sort of special ritual or planting session outside, but instead we’re marking the occasion by celebrating a belated birthday of one of our friends at Nandos. Well at least the chickens live an enriched life in barns rather than cages…

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Rescue Cats


When we took on our rescue cats we didn’t think it’d take them so long to really fit into our lives. I’m happy to report that now they’ve accepted both of us and have really settled now. Floss (black and white) comes for affection and doesn’t seem to be so threatened all the time and Candy (Tabby) enjoys our company so much she rarely leaves our sides and even now sits on us. A big change from the scared threatening feral felines we started with.

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With this stupid weather still upon us, what better time to have a pizza.


Or garlic bread!


Or dough balls!


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Ungreenist thing we’ve done

Well it has to be said you can’t call a hot tub green in any way. My wife however was given money to enjoy and the most enjoyment she decided she could have, was a hot tub!

We have dead space in the garden, and it was pretty manky. So we did some levelling of concrete with a sledgehammer and some tidying.


My friend ben and I built a shelf from reclaimed wood based using our flag pole aerial as a base.

Other various stuff came from odd places like homebase. I’m not ashamed.

The hot tub looked quite nice. So we started filling it.


And the cat decided to get in before anyone else…


Not a happy cat!

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Rescue Cats

In march, we decided to adopt two pussy cats from the Southend cats protection league. We were offered plenty of kittens, but we wanted cats with character. These two definitely have already developed character.



Candy has a love of small furry mammals. Mice of all sorts have been brought in as presents. All have been alive. Similarly the wood pigeons have been alive-ish. This will be good when we have an allotment however at present it’s a pain disposing of injured animals and catching/releasing “well” animals



Floss is an expert mice torturer. She also eats most house spiders which is fabulous (I hate spiders)

Floss does not like much affection. Not much in warning signals. You know when she’s annoyed as you get bitten.

As rescue cats go they’re very much part of the family, however they do pay Helen far too much attention and me too little. Unless you count biting in which case I’m over endowed with attention.

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Allotment blues…



It’s a sad day when you realise you can’t carry on with everything you used to. The new house really has taken it’s toll and with a job move, we’re not ideally placed to rush over the lottie and water/prune/weed etc.

As you can see, things were getting a little over the top and we needed to start setting up the plot closer to home.

Today we’ve started to move all the gear and empty the shed. Very little plant wise will be going with us. Mostly just rhubarb, strawberries and gooseberries.

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The Man Cave

One of my side projects is making my self a bar/cinema room outside (by the pizza oven) to enjoy movies and computer games which is my idea of fun after being ruined by my 3hr daily commute.  Today I managed to get the optics and built a bar out of scrounged bits of wood.

Yes that is the first JD…

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