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If you missed the national news on Essex, you may have missed the floods.

It was wet.

You can see the water pouring out of the gutter.  This is because we filled all 3,000 litres of the IBCs in a couple of hours.  The water pouring out is actually overflow because it has nowhere to go.




To the left, you’ll see the chicken coop project I hoped to start today.



Under the squash leaves, it’s a foot deep.

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Beach trip


Took Sam out to the beach on a windy day – he definitely enjoyed it!

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Party Keg


With my birthday rapidly approaching, two things are on the menu for a summer do – meat and beer!

First off, 10 gallons of ale, 5 of pear cider and 12 bottles of strawberry wine!

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Remember that sweet chili sauce?



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Norfolk Chilli farm hot sauce


On my way up to see Kris, we popped into the Norfolk chilli farm and picked up some supplies for the later BBQ. I picked this little number up… Should I be afraid?

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Sunday lunch, you’re doing it wrong


The sun came out whilst I was working in the garden! Quick BBQ!

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When Candy came into the greenhouse and I asked her whether she was going to help with the watering, it’s not what I meant.

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Pizza oven running again


Whenever I fire up the pizza oven I feel I’m possibly doing it for the last time. The brick inner dome is cracked and the outside is disintegrating.


Still, this is the first time I’ve used it in anger entirely myself – I made and rolled the dough, cut up the ingredients and lit the fire.

I used charcoal to fire it this time – a break from the usual wood firings. I started the oven about 2:30pm, it was ready a smidge after 7pm. 6 hrs which is a little below normal. The benefit is that it only takes about a 5KG bag of charcoal, whereas I’d probably burn twice that of wood.

Pizza was of course, very tasty. I tried a new dough which included some whole meal flour. It didn’t crisp in the same way but still good!

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Can you see what I see?


Unless you’re laying on the cold ground and not a warm comfy hammock, probably not.

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Drought continues


As you can see, my garden is continuing to suffer from the drought and is quaking at its boots regarding a hosepipe ban.

The water companies are starting to wake up to the fact the water is not just running off the “parched land” and isn’t just being absorbed by plants.


My IBCs are full and the path is now 6″ under water.


All I need is a couple of fountains for a nice water feature.

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