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Ha. Another year.

Keep getting busy and forget to post! So anyway, let’s try and get a bi weekly update!

So what has happened to me? Well I’ve moved jobs and been working long hours. I also managed to accumulate an extra 2.5 stone as I was working in a “good food” location. So I was over eating.  The food I was eating was good, but not healthy.

Now I’m working away – I spend about 3 nights in a hotel and food is OK but fatty.

We’re going to have a go at eating a more vegetarian diet (but I’m not giving up meat).  This is starting off with growing some nice fresh herbs!

Got a helping hand! Though he wasn’t keen to get muddy at first.

Lined them with black bin liner for water proofing

Some delicate sowing followed by tidying up

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Elephant Garlic planting


Every time I went into the lean to I’d go “oh God I need to plant the garlic… Well finally I got round to it with a little help from Sam.


Elephant Garlic is much bigger. Each clove is the size of a small standard garlic.

The first garlic was given to us four years ago by our neighbour and generally it’s done well, but never actually splits into cloves. This year’s was given to us again by our neighbour and planted far too late again!


Plant about 1″ below the surface


Help optional.


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Winter is coming






Finally got round to getting a gardening update!  The sweetcorn did very well this year – we’ve been told by a friend that you need to pick them as soon as the tassels start going brown.  This is a good tip! Previous years we’ve had starchy but brilliant yellow corn.  This time we’ve had pale corn which has been sweeter than sugar.  But all good things come to an end – as you can see above everything was looking a bit dead.



I cleared the sweetcorn and squash, even tidying down the sides.  I then emptied a compost bin onto it and covered in pond liner to keep it cat litter free until next year.


Blight had taken out the self seeded tomatoes (these are commercial tomatoes that we must have put in the compost bin last year!) and all my other tomatoes – things were looking fine before we popped off on Holiday, but a week is a long time in gardening it seems!  So they all had to go.  We’ve decided to compost all of the tomato rubbish (blight or not) as I’m only intending to grow tomatoes in grow bags or fresh compost from now on.


Helen harvesting the squash and whatever she can rescue from the blighted ones.


The twilight chillies really putting on a display!


Hopefully the final mow of the year!


Produce found under the undergrowth.  The large marrow was a surprise, we thought that plant had died!

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The harvest is now coming in thick and fast – I popped out in the morning to gather veg for a soup.  I picked lots of ripe stuff, but a few hours later, Helen found some more:


So things are growing and ripening at a prestigious rate.


Sam has been helping too.  Mostly eating raspberries.  And blowing a few too.


Our corn is ready.  I never knew when corn would be ready, but turns out when the tassles start going brown, it’s ready even though it’s not yellow!  Who’d have thought?  That’d explain the horrible starchy stuff we’ve endured the last couple of years.



Sam also met next doors guinea pigs! Much laughter and squeeking was had.

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Wanderers return

We’ve been off for a week to the bushmoot (bushcraft UK forums annual meet).

We have a habit of going away when the crops are just about to go crazy, and this year was no exception. We have 8/9 large winter squash, so many courgettes I think the neighbours are hiding from us and beans to sink a battleship.


Our courgette plants are in over drive due to the watering system and good soil

Here’s a pic from a couple if weeks ago!



The basket was made by my lovely wife Helen at the bushmoot. She’s intending to continue with the craft too – she’s bought several bits from Dave Budd (a blacksmith who comes to the moot) and is looking forward to making her first solo basket at home.

And the courgette plants now?



Nothing but a sea of green!

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Siamese courgettes?

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Last year along with the greenhouse my grandfather gave me his old irrigation system. It came with a massive amount of parts and bits and bobs. Most I didn’t even know what they did.

It took about 5 hours to do, but I can now turn on the tap and the raised beds are watered! It’ll even link up the IBC if they ever fill again! May/June was surprising dry and cold!


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Allotment update


Thought I’d share some progress updates! The runner beans are running and the marigolds are really plentiful!

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Turns out Sam really likes rhubarb. Raw. Uck.

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First strawberries are in… Favourite time of year!


(This is a post that should have happened a month ago!)

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