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Kegerator and Lasers!

So last night we went to the London hackspace with an EPS file and a lot of hope.

The plan…




Can you tell what it is yet?


Next of course was to start on the kegerator.


For most kegerators, you need to lots of complicated things. We decided to keep it very simple and try to keep the fridge as insulated as possible.  The gas (CO2) is kept outside and fed in through the top of the fridge.


This conduit we got for another project was perfect for 3/8 beer line.  It can take two lines in each section.  The plan is to run a gas line in from outside and the beer out.  We have one beer line for the handpump, two for a font (yet to buy).


Siliconed in!


Just needs a clean!


And a spray… remember that laser cutter at the start?




Won’t lose these easily!


Sprayed all the things!


And soon to come, a pump clip! 🙂

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Fermentation Chamber


So if you don’t want an all singing all dancing BrewPi (which lets face it, it’s expensive) you can invest in an STC-1000

What’s the difference?

The BrewPi has a web interface, the STC-1000 doesn’t.  I can set up a fermentation profile on the BrewPi, but if I’m in the house, I can manually change the STC – as long as I remember.  The big difference is the price – £150 for a BrewPI, compared to a finished cost of £70 with an STC system (this is assuming a 2nd hand £25 fridge and a £15 tube heater).

So for a non-complex ale that needs a fermentation of 18’C, which would I choose?  The STC.

For a wheatbeer, starting fermentation at 12’C and rising steadily over 14 days to 21’C? The BrewPi.

What equipment do you need?

Fridge £25
Tube Heater £15
STC-1000 £13
Extension Cords £3.99 x 2
Project Box £4
Choc Box £1

So about £66

And the instructions? Try Here

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Pig roaster #4

Welcome all hackaday people visiting the site today (

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And why not after look at a cob oven if you like cooking stuff?

Anyway, enjoy your stay and I hope the site can stand up to it all…


One of the main objectives of making my own pig roaster is making it mechanised. With the cogs and a few bits from eBay this is how I did it! (More pics and a video, click read the rest of this entry below)

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Pig roast #3


I decided as I’m hoping to rent this out I should get some proper stainless steel prongs to stop it rotating. My welding isn’t up to stainless steel levels!

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Pig Roast #2


Lamenting the lack of broken bikes I’ve been able to find, I was begging for bikes amongst friends when one mentioned a project in nearby Southend called “reCycle”. Bikes are donated, they repair and service them and sell to fund the scheme. It’s really quite good. They had plenty of bits for my hog roast turner.

I also picked up a ford mondeo windscreen wiper motor for £10 from a scrap yard. All ready to go now…

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Baby modifications


Sam is getting so long now, the over cotbed changing mat I built him was getting in the way – one of the nice things about home made furniture is the ability to adapt it to suit your needs!

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Pig roast build #1

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit busy, so quite a few posts to catch up on…


What’s this you ask? It’s part of the pig roaster we’re building for my birthday. The idea is to make it mechanised so I can drink beer on my birthday and eat pig.
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The bar is open


Beans. Squash. Unfortunately they’re big fans of the slugs and snails.

As is beer.

I like beer, not a big fan of Becks which was bought in for a friend. So the slugs can have it. Few years ago I tried Kaliber on them. They liked it as much as I did. To be honest, I wouldn’t enjoy drowning in it either, but then again Becks is off the menu for me too. Perhaps a good real ale would be better. I’ll wait before pouring a good ale away for their benefit!


I’ve even found one to fit between the flowers I’ve put out.

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Peg board


The workshop is now equipped with a nice tool rack, all ready for some proper projects next weekend!

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Bicycle recycle

I’ve had an idea floating about for a bit that I could take my recycling stuff upto the bins via my bike – but I hate doing this trip on a regular basis and I have a large outside storage box. Wouldn’t it be nice to take it all in one go once a month?

Having found a broken bicycle on the roadside a few weeks back (shot back wheel) I’ve been looking into recycling the parts to make a trailer to replace my car for short journeys. So far I’ve been been racking my brains to see how best to do it, and if I find anything worthwhile I’ll post the plans up here (bad drawing alert!)

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