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When mother nature gives you blight, make chutney


Lots of lovely toms with their potential ruined by blight. I managed a couple of dozen tomatoes before blight cruelly took over. Nevermind… Make chutney! Using Jayefuu’s grans recipe they are being converted.


It’s also my first ever chutney made by me!

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One Sheet Skiff

This is where my weekends seem to be going at the moment…

And if you can’t see the above, it’s supposed to be a youtube link to


The boat is made from plans from and is supposed to be able to mainly be built from 1 sheet of ply.  Unfortunately this hasn’t happened, we’ve either broken or badly cut our ply, so we’ve needed three sheets.  It’s a project I’ve been working on for my scout troop to see what sort of kinks I’d  need to work out of the plans and to be honest, we’ve not stuck well to the plans.  At present, it’s a bit difficult for me to comprehend, how I’m supposed to teach 10-14yr olds to do it is a mystery!

Anyway… it’s been fun, and at times wet, and mostly I’ve either had a cup of tea in my hands or a beer, so it’s not all been bad…

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Black Morels with Pasta

I’ve created an instructable on here which is my Black Morel and Pasta Recipe.

You need:

Black Morels (I had the three pictured)
1 tbsp Butter
Small Onion
1 Clove garlic
1/2 Cup of cheese (I used strong cheddar)
1tbsp double cream
Salt and Pepper to taste

Put the pasta on to cook.  Chop the onion and garlic finely (or use a crusher) and slice the morels.  Put into a frying pan with the butter and cook until the onions are transparent and the morels have started to shrink and are gently browning.

Add the drained cooked pasta to the pan, add the cheese and cream.  Turn down and wait until melted.  Add salt/pepper to taste and serve quicky!

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Trub as has been previously mentioned is a waste product of brewing.  Mostly I’ve used trub on the compost heap, but I’ve found a tastier alternative – making very delicious bread with it.  It’s a very simple process and I used a breadmaker, you just need a bit of forward planning of when you’re going to need bread!  Find the recipe with pictures here…

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Featured: Soda bottle garden

This instructable uses hanging drinks/soda bottles (2ltrs) to make hanging pea gardens with drainage tubes which you could use to channel the excess directly back into the watering can.  Watersaving at its finest.

See it here

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What have I been upto? Planting stuff? Nope, I’ve been building treehouses

Check out the instructable here

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Featured: Self Watering Mini Garden

If you’re going away this summer and want things in pots to still be alive, you can take inspiration from RomanH‘s instructable on a Self Watering Mini Garden.  There’s plenty of self watering pots so the principle is pretty similar.  The only thing you need to bear in mind is that many plastic boxes will not be UV resistant and become brittle over time.

Click HERE to see the instructable

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Ornamental Paving Slabs

There’s so many boring paving slabs out there and I thought I’d have a go making my own for my allotment.

This particular slab is actually for aesthetics only,  You can making this for stepping on, you just need to apply a couple of inches more thickness than I did and add a bit of chicken wire.

Click HERE to see the instructable

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Easy water strawberry planter instructable

We English love our strawberries and cream…

Strawberries are incredibly easy to grow and are technically not berries.

The summer is coming and now is the time to plant them! (Yes now!)

Strawberry planters are great for several reasons – fruit is easier to see and pick – a big boon for the aged whom can’t bend down and can be placed in easily accessible level surfaces like patios.  They’re great space savers as you’re growing up not down.  Once established, they’re quite pretty too with a tumble down effect of fruit pouring down the sides.  You can also move them about easily, so if a hard frost is due, you can move them into the greenhouse over the winter season.

In the UK you can buy strawberry planters but most people have a hard time with them because they don’t set them up right to begin with and they’re a real pain to water.

This instructable shows you one of the best ways to setup a strawberry planter to make feeding and watering a doddle!

Click HERE to see the instructable

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Zeer – or pot in pot refrigerator instructable

It’s getting hotter every day and your electricity bills are not environmentally friendly.

This credit crunching fridge is a sure way to be sure your beverages will stay chilled in the hottest of heats.  It’s much greener than your average electrical fridge and will work anywhere where there isn’t a lot of humidity.

The pot in pot refrigerator or Zeer was made by Professor Mohammed Bah Abba, though there’s evidence it was in use in early Egypt.  It works on the principle of evaporative cooling.

Click HERE to see the instructable

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