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Tesco Hudl 2

Well, it has to be said the Hudl2 comes at a bargain price. I’ve had a couple of problems since I purchased it. On my very first day of ownership it crashed badly – one minute it was working, the next I couldn’t seem to even restart it. I ended up plugging it in and oddly that seemed to bring it back – even though it had a full battery.
It crashed again a few days later (the next time I actually was using it in anger) and the unlock screen was smeared across the landscape view. Again, I reset it and everything was fine. A few hours later, dead again – with only being plugged into a plug socket making it come back to life with 75% charge. Very odd!

Other days I’ve used it fine since, so maybe just bad luck. Today I’ve watched several hours of videos and one thing is clear – it’s a power hog.
First off, I tried plugging it into my laptop to charge. No dice, even though it’s a socket with the power symbol for charging devices on it (I assume 1A), whilst it “charges” with the screen on, you’re just delaying the inevitable – the device discharges quicker than it can be replenished.

So why not use a 2A plug? Fortunately I’ve got one of those too… but again, whilst watching video, it slowly discharges (albeit slower!)
So who caries a 2A and a 3A plug? I do. Well, I have an Anker battery pack which charges at 2A and outputs at 3A – and very handy it is too. There seems enough charge being output to satisfy the Hudl2 and I can watch video AND charge the device at the same time.

I’ve not checked the charger that comes with the Hudl2, but it may well be a 3amp charger, which puts it in league with my laptop and explains why most normal chargers won’t be beast enough to power the hudl.

Charging with 3A is noticeably faster than the 2A – in 20 minutes, my device has gone up by 6% whilst watching a video (this in itself is not surprising if you know anything about current) but it shows the draw from the device outstrips 2A supply sockets, so watch out, they will be getting fairly warm. Best to stick with the manufacturers plug – don’t use your other older chargers from previous devices.

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