Chickens! Finally



So, after several years of wanting chickens, here we finally are!

A few days ago I was contacted about a chicken that someone had tried to introduce to an existing flock that had been badly beaten up.  This isn’t unusual when introducing chickens into existing flocks and luckily I have a large hen house with no chickens in it.  It has moved up my schedule a few weeks which means we’ve got a bit of rush on to finish the coop, but nothing to worry about really.  The reason for moving the date up is that chicken integration works best by putting them all in unfamiliar territories at once.  Also, woop, free chicken!

Though saying that, I’ve also got two more being bought from a commercial supplier in Chelmsford – at £6 each (POL – Point Of Lay) which I’ve got to pick up on Saturday as well as the coop modifications.

Look forward to some chicken updates in the next few days!

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