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Chickens! Finally



So, after several years of wanting chickens, here we finally are!

A few days ago I was contacted about a chicken that someone had tried to introduce to an existing flock that had been badly beaten up.  This isn’t unusual when introducing chickens into existing flocks and luckily I have a large hen house with no chickens in it.  It has moved up my schedule a few weeks which means we’ve got a bit of rush on to finish the coop, but nothing to worry about really.  The reason for moving the date up is that chicken integration works best by putting them all in unfamiliar territories at once.  Also, woop, free chicken!

Though saying that, I’ve also got two more being bought from a commercial supplier in Chelmsford – at £6 each (POL – Point Of Lay) which I’ve got to pick up on Saturday as well as the coop modifications.

Look forward to some chicken updates in the next few days!

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Thomas the Tank Engine Playhouse

Several relatives asked what toys my son would like.  But the sad fact is, we’ve got loads of toys, many second hand from friends, family and various facebook groups etc.

So what would he like?  He’s Thomas mad and loves to watch the series and movies (even the horrendous American ones)

I decided to use up a couple of the industrial metal barrels, but I’m a rubbish designer so I used sketchup with some downloaded models and did some basic scaling to get a rough idea of sizes and measurements.  After resizing, I found that an industrial barrel wasn’t quite long enough, but when scaled down, Thomas accommodate a 1.2m tall child in the cab.


We started out by cutting a template out of the side of Thomas and double checking that he’d fit.



Lots of circular and straight sections required, so out came the new jigsaw.




After day one, we were pleased with our progress – we’d adapted the design a little, Thomas’s boiler doesn’t stretch all the way to the cab, but it certainly looks the business now!




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Brewing Forums

Well up until recently  I’d spent a lot of time at the home brew forum.

Sadly a few days ago the forum was passed to what seems to be a commercial organisation to manage.  On April 1st, suddenly it moved platforms from phpBB to vBulletin.  The usual stuff happened, posts broke, signatures got 10x larger and where certain characters were used all sorts of random stuff got printed.  Even as writing now, you can’t edit posts.

You’d expect a better phased move, but what most people are up in arms about was the sudden change without consulting a thriving community.  Then people who complained started getting banned.  Some of the higher regulars upped sticks after being banned and put up a new forum.  The words used to describe the forum (Craft Brewing) suddenly got banned on THBF.

So if you’re looking for some of the old community, try and join the unrestricted debate.

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