eBIAB Build #2


Above is the pot, with sight glass attached.  Because Paul has only recently started offering stickers for sight glasses, mine was the first 70l pot to need one.  So he used mine to calibrate the sticker (breaking new ground in the pursuit of eBIAB)


Closeup of the pencilled up sight glass.


Ongoing discussions on the location of the fixed analogue thermometer.  Note: Sticker now applied!


Boiler is now almost finished – we’re awaiting the arrival of the 1″ chassis punch to make a suitable hole for the element.  Then it’ll be posted.


The above/below is the bag in which the BIAB happens.  The big handles are to allow me to hang the bag from a pully when removing it from the mash.  It’s one of the compromises we have to make with BIAB – the removal of the grain bag is hard work and is what limits the size of batches.  For a 10 gallon brew, the grain will be 10kg when dry, it’ll probably absorb at least its weight in water making it very, very heavy.  You can see where Paul has doubled the material over the fabric strip which gives the bag its strength.

image (1)

I’ll keep you advised of the progress as it continues!

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