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Camping kit box


After the Bushmoot I realised that it’s a pain in the bum using a plastic box to contain all your kitchen stuff.  Mostly because everything you want is at the bottom and all the stuff you don’t is at the top.  It does keep everything wasp proof and dry though.

Anyway, as I’ve been involved in running a scout troop for some time, I thought about building a patrol box.  BSA Troup 680 have an excellent design, though I’m thinking of trying to incorporate the cooker in as well.

For my first job, I produced the standard box and learnt several woodworking lessons such as how to saw a straight line with a circular saw.  I used the kreg jig to make pocket screw holes to join up the boards.  This was a bad idea, the 12mm ply just doesn’t seem thick enough to take the screws.  The 680 recommend the use of normal screws countersunk into the wood.  This probably would take longer, but less screw ends sticking out of the wood.

I still need to build the leg supports and add the piano hinge, but I can already see how much more useful this is going to be.

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The harvest is now coming in thick and fast – I popped out in the morning to gather veg for a soup.  I picked lots of ripe stuff, but a few hours later, Helen found some more:


So things are growing and ripening at a prestigious rate.


Sam has been helping too.  Mostly eating raspberries.  And blowing a few too.


Our corn is ready.  I never knew when corn would be ready, but turns out when the tassles start going brown, it’s ready even though it’s not yellow!  Who’d have thought?  That’d explain the horrible starchy stuff we’ve endured the last couple of years.



Sam also met next doors guinea pigs! Much laughter and squeeking was had.

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