Poundland grapes



Several years ago when I worked in Chelmsford and had ready access to poundland I used to buy their fruit trees.  One such purchase was this grapevine.  I’ve never actually had a grape off it.  The first couple of years it pretty much did nothing, then in its final year at the allotment it went mad and climbed the entirety of the shed and had lots of grapes on it.

Of course that was the year I had to move it.  I did my best to lay it flat in the car after digging it up, but it was very upset and immediately seemed to die.  I stuck it in to the ground alongside the mancave, but it’s done very little, dying back more each year.  This year it seems to be climbing, so I decided to give it something to climb onto as the old wooden trellis had rotted away.  The otherone I got from blackmoor nurseries has already got grapes on it, so I’ve got more hope for that one!

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