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Turns out Sam really likes rhubarb. Raw. Uck.

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Paddling pool!


We’ve discovered a love of paddling pools and splashing. This means bath times are now much more fun with most of the water leaving the bath. Nevermind

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Pig roast #3


I decided as I’m hoping to rent this out I should get some proper stainless steel prongs to stop it rotating. My welding isn’t up to stainless steel levels!

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Pig Roast #2


Lamenting the lack of broken bikes I’ve been able to find, I was begging for bikes amongst friends when one mentioned a project in nearby Southend called “reCycle”. Bikes are donated, they repair and service them and sell to fund the scheme. It’s really quite good. They had plenty of bits for my hog roast turner.

I also picked up a ford mondeo windscreen wiper motor for £10 from a scrap yard. All ready to go now…

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Baby modifications


Sam is getting so long now, the over cotbed changing mat I built him was getting in the way – one of the nice things about home made furniture is the ability to adapt it to suit your needs!

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Beach trip


Took Sam out to the beach on a windy day – he definitely enjoyed it!

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First strawberries are in… Favourite time of year!


(This is a post that should have happened a month ago!)

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Pig roast build #1

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit busy, so quite a few posts to catch up on…


What’s this you ask? It’s part of the pig roaster we’re building for my birthday. The idea is to make it mechanised so I can drink beer on my birthday and eat pig.
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Party Keg


With my birthday rapidly approaching, two things are on the menu for a summer do – meat and beer!

First off, 10 gallons of ale, 5 of pear cider and 12 bottles of strawberry wine!

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Pizza Oven


As you can see, it definitely works!

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