Garden update


Another good weekend out in the garden. Helen harvested the last spring cabbage & I pottered around

The beans and mangetout are in, we only had “the last” frost of the year last week. I’m betting we’ll be ok going forward now. The broadbeans are now starting to show signs of shooting up. My unorganic strategy of spraying them with a deadly chemical mix seems to have put pay to the blackfly the ants were farming. I’ve never had a broadbean crop due to the black crawling mass my broad beans become. This year I’ll discover if I even like them.


I’ve also been harvesting comfrey (not pictured) like its going out of fashion – really seems to be going for it this year and the smelly fertiliser bin is beginning to really stink. We’re down to one IBC now, I’m wondering when it’s going to significantly rain again… They’re already talking about hosepipe bans again!

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